Vogel Haus Vintage

Vogel Haus Vintage

Monday, August 8, 2011


The weekend was fairly productive between packing for our move, buying the last few things we need for my first ever camping trip, and even squeezing in an estate sale!  We are on track with moving due to my very organized husband and my experience with packing up breakables.  This is move number 40 for me....yes, # 40....and I really hope this is the last for a very long time!

Camping is not my thing...I'm the least outdoorsy person ever...but I've been talked into going and I'll give it a shot.  Between dealing with the tent and a billion items that we need to drag out with us, it hardly seems like "roughing" at this point.  But I've been promised that we'll get to go fishing and I've wanted to do that ever since our deep sea fishing in Florida many years ago. 

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