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Vogel Haus Vintage

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vintage advertisements that hit home

My father named me after the youngest daughter of Richard M. Nixon....he thought the name was pretty.  I've always had to explain that my name isn't short for "Patricia".  This link with the president's daughter didn't come up too often, until I met my husband, Richard Nickson.  Yup.  I married Richard Nickson!  And even with the difference in spelling, we get ribbed quite often.  Turns out we even sent out our "save the date" invites for our wedding on the day that Deep Throat decided to reveal his identity!

I found this Life magazine at an estate sale this past fall, and while I've seen the image before, I had never seen the actual magazine and jumped at the chance to own it!  I had written to the Nixon library when we were getting married and to my complete surprise, a super gracious Tricia Nixon Cox wrote me back!  She included a nice note and copies of private photos from her wedding at the White House.  What a phenomenal lady.

I was leafing through the magazine tonight and found a surprise, an ad for Elitch's for it's 80th anniversary.  The old Elitch's is long gone, a "modern" version of it moved to downtown Denver.  The local link sure made me smile.

The estate sale where this magazine was from yielded many other great items, I'm adding a few more advertisements for your enjoyment!

Trifari 1963

Needlecraft Magazine 1930
Djer-Kiss in Hearst's International-Cosmopolitan 1925
Jonteel in Cosmopolitan 1921
Pompeian Day Cream in Cosmopolitan 1921

Eversharp Wahl Pen in Hearst's International-Cosmopolitan 1925

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