Vogel Haus Vintage

Vogel Haus Vintage

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day in Colorado

It doesn't happen often, but it sure is great to get a snow day when you're an adult!  My husband and I got up early this morning to find out if the 14+ inches of snow actually fell while we slept....and I'd say that a good bit of it did.  My work was closed for the entire day and the hubby got a half day....so that meant we had time to work on fun projects!

Richard worked hard on finishing our basement (at least the theater room for now) and he's still down there slaving away as I type.  I did some homework and had a chance to catalog some great items to add to my Etsy store soon.  Several breaks were called for and you'll see what I did....watched in amazements as birds attacked the bird feeder we had recently filled up!  I'm also including a few photos of some of the items that will not make it to Etsy, but are part of my personal collection....hope you enjoy as much as I do!


  1. Lovely snow day pictures Tricia !!
    And the vintage jewelry are stunning :) I love Vintage.
    You have a new follower here from Etsy ♥ Rachel

  2. Hey !
    I see you have some snow too !
    Thanks for your comment on our blog.
    Hugs from Berlin !
    Olivier & Caroline

  3. Swinging by from Etsy.

    I really enjoy your jewelry, so pretty in a style we don't often see in modern design. Thanks for sharing it with the world :-)

  4. Hello, I found your blog through bloglove. Love your blog and I've joined :)